Michael Hamory

Actor | Director | Producer | Acting coach


Michael is an internationally trained actor, director and acting teacher from Sweden with Stockholm as his homebase.

He started his journey in 2008 when he intentionally approached the acting- and theatre environment for personal growth and development, and without any ambition for a career. Since then Michael has acted in several stage productions, theatre projects and films, produced and directed a number of plays, and led several actors, students and ensembles in their creative work on and off stage.

Michael is educated at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in NYC, Calle Flygare School of Theatre in Stockholm and at Prague Film School. He holds a bachelor's degree in Pedadogy from Stockholm university where he has also studied Theatre science and Educative Drama. He has also done physical acting training with SCOT in Japan, coached by Mattia Sebastian, Ellen Lauren and Tadashi Suzuki.

Michael has his own company and enjoys the freedom of working on freelance basis. He's always looking for collaborations within and outside of his field so don't hesitate to get in touch.

Photo by: Lars Lykta


Michael has been carrying rolls like Hamlet, Karlsson on the roof and the magic carpet in Aladdin. His experience in theatre covers work on traditional and unconventional stages both indoors and outdoors within the field of comedy, drama, interactive theater, children's theater and music theater/musical. Michael's screen debut came with the independent feature film Blackout where he played the main roll Mårten. Other than that he's been acting in several short films and done smaller appearances in a couple of other feature films. He has also done a number of commercials. Michael also enjoys voiceacting a lot, and does that whenever an oppurtunity comes along.


Over the years I’ve seen nothing but professionalism, dedication and hard-work from Michael.
Someone who is both passionate and talented for his craft. I immensely appreciated Michael’s attitude.

- Sean van Leijenhorst, Director/Filmmaker


Producing & Directing

Respekt! Poster

Title: Respect! (Respekt!)

Year: 2018

Venue: Murgrönan, Stockholm

Roll: Producer, Director and Actor


Title: The lonewolf & Red ridinghood (Ensamvargen & Rödluvan)

Year: 2016

Venue: Kompani1, Stockholm

Roll: Producer and Director


Title: Claudius's bachelor party (Claudius svensexa)

Year: 2016

Venue: Improvisation & Co, Stockholm

Roll: Producer and Actor

tablett affisch vit

Title: Tablet (Tablett)

Year: 2015

Venue: Kafé Klaver, Stockholm

Roll: Producer and Director


Title: Room 404

Year: 2014

Venue: The Grid, Prague

Roll: Producer and Director

95 grader affisch

Title: 95 degrees (95 grader)

Year: 2013

Venue: Brunnsgatan Fyra, Stockholm

Roll: Director


Title: The pelican (Pelikanen)

Year: 2012

Venue: Brunnsgatan Fyra, Stockholm

Roll: Producer and Director

Other plays directed as a teacher:

Long day's journey to night

Chaos is the neighbour of God

The tempest

A clockwork orange

Robin Hood

The diary of Anne Frank

The dragon


Alice in wonderland


Michael has been teaching since 2010. He has been hired by schools, theatre schools and companies to lead cources and workshops in acting, improv, group dynamics and meisner technique. He has also directed many plays with students on stage.

Michael coaches actors and aspiring actors in the Meisner technique in Stockholm, but he have also been giving workshops in Budapest and Tokyo.

Below you'll find some reviews from past participants.

For any interest in cources, workshops, private lessions or coaching of any kind, please send an e-mail to info@michaelhamory.se or visit agerastudio.se

I took meisner classes with Michael, it's a journey of self-exploration of emotional demand. Michael helps you in the seek of the art and what you need to get there in a humble, straightforward way. So you know what will be expected of you.

- Mosley Thiel

Throughout the workshop, Michael empazised the importance of autencity and connection in acting. One of the things I appreciated most about Michael's teaching style was his ability to create a safe and supportive environment where we felt comfortable exploring our emotions and vulnerabilities. 

- Attila Sowunmi

Michael’s incredible passion and energy are extremely infectious. He is great at creating a pleasant atmosphere where people are encouraged to express themselves and to step outside of their comfort zone. Thanks to Michael I’m not only a better actor, but a better person.

- Andrey Zhebrak

Michael is a great teacher who can both inspire and create a safe environment where you dare to test and develop yourself, while he can also make demands and is very honest in his feedback. If you have the opportunity to have him as your teacher, you should take it!

- Johan Falk

There's not enough words to describe the Meisner workshop this past weekend. Oh what a process it began in so many levels! Thank you for your honest and very on-point feedback! You really see the person behind the facade and you want to help your students of all levels to achieve their personal best. I hope this Meisner workshop was the first of many future Meisner workshops with you.

- Liisa Moliis

Michael has a unique way of involving his actors in his projects and his mix of clear vision, great communicative skills and empathy makes him capable of getting the best from the people he works with.

- Alessio Medas